That's right! the new Quarantine comics Kickstarter is live and you can have a hand in building the empire by clicking HERE!
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The latest issue of Assassins Incorporated is out and coming for ya!
The Quarantine Comics Kickstarter is live!
Wednesday • May 12th,, 2015
Want to have a hand in the building of an empire? Well now you can! We are launching our very first Kickstarter campaign! What are we planning to use Kickstarter for? Simple, we are expanding our titles catalog, talent pool and overall presence to get more content to you!
Just click HERE to go to the Quarantine Comics Kickstarter page for more information. Thanks you for your support!
Derby City Comic Con 2015
Wednesday • March 18th, 2015
Quarantine Comics will be onhand at Derby City Comic Con 2015 in Louisville, KY!