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Ninja VS Samurai
Witness Kan and a cast of other characters grow as their paths cross and intertwine while making their way through Japan's empirical system. Witness them fulfill individual destinies of glory, revenge and ascension and find where your loyalty lies.
New site launches!
Thursday • December 18th, 2014
The new Quarantine Comics website has arrived!

Be sure and check back with us every week as we will be adding new titles, sections and lots of cool stuff for you, the fans!
Ninja VS Samurai Game in Development!
Thursday • December 18th, 2014
Ray Jordan's "Ninja VS Samurai" is getting the RPG treatment!

It is currently being developed as a tabletop role playing game and will feature numerous clans, and families from the Ninja VS Samurai lore. We will be bringing you more news on this as the game gets closer to release.